make an earthling

Acting together

Since the beginning of the forestation projects, Green Asia has promoted participation from local citizens as well.
“We don’t merely plant and manage the trees – we aim to create a sustainable environment for all of Northeast Asians
to live in an eco-friendly community and work together towards our common future.”


There have been remarks that further actions should be taken against eco-crisis, but there are not enough information,
education programs, communicating systems and budgets.

For starters, Green Asia is informing the local schools and the citizens about the status quo and proper actions need
to be taken against the eco-crisis such as desertification in Mongolia. As well, Green Asia has been creating a local
network system which helps the citizens delve further into the current environmental issues in the region and educate
themselves better.


Green Asia has held local eco-festivals in which both Koreans and Mongolians participate. Students exhibit their
writings and art-works in the theme of environmental conservation and introduce at the festival. In any case,
participants are not limited to Koreans and Mongolians.

Koreans also open bazaars in eco-festivals so that they can financially support the local economy and finance the
local schools.

Cultural Exchange

Koreans and Mongolians deeply understand each other by introducing their respective cultures such as food, dance,
music, martial arts, and games. Cultural exchange is not limited to Koreans and Mongolians. There have been
Japanese participants as well and Green Asia is now looking for more participants with diverse backgrounds from
all over the world.

Programs to Raise Awareness in Global Environmental Issues