fighting climate change


– We create practical, everyday solutions by conducting researches on global warming & climate change
– By field research & data from satellites, we monitor the change of Northeast Asian environment, the status quo of
environmental destruction, and the effects of city centralization and extension.

– We exchange information with NGOs & governments of Asian countries, co-conduct researches, design policies and
suggest them to governments & citizens, and put them into action as primary models.

Education & Consulting

– We educate citizens and teenagers about global warming and its solutions.

– We apply a step-by-step education method that goes by experiencing, discussing, putting into action, and monitoring.

– We consult local governments and enterprises on how to run & manage programs that cope with global warming.

– We consult on how to design & run primary city models home and abroad and therefore create a foundation for
business for citizens.

– We inform the public by newspaper columns and through co-planning & co-developing.


– We develop models that involve education programs about global warming, guidelines for changing lifestyles,
suggestions for new policies, and new networks.

– We create research contents through our own researches and by analyzing preceding examples.

– We translate our contents in order to introduce preceding examples abroad.

– We co-design eco-education textbooks for children in developing countries.


– The basic step to global warming is assembling related organizations, for global warming is the task of all humans.
Therefore, we create networks of related or interested organizations in order to act together against the climate change.

– We create various kinds of networks for exchanging information, joint actions(international campaigns), and running
primary models.