I International Environmental Education I

– Travel down to South, see the dried-up lakes in Mongolia and witness the effects of Climate Change yourself
– Educate the future generation of Mongolia about the importance of saving the environment
– Achieve sustainable education via learning, teaching, and practicing the knowledge together

I International Cultural Exchange I

– Meet the locals and experience the new culture
– Share your heart with your global neighbors
– Learn about Mongolian history and make new friends in Mongolia
A night in a cozy Ger

I International Eco-Volunteerism I

– Volunteer via planting trees and create your own “Green Hope Grove”
– Visit the local students at the “Green Eco-School”
– Be certified as a Global Eco-Volunteer by the Mongolian Government

I Feel the Nature I

– Experience over 1000km of the untouched Mongolian nature
– Try horseback riding and camel riding in the steppes of Chinggis Khaan
– Take a walk in the breathtaking desert and watch the awe-inspiring night sky

I Lifelong Memories I

A lifetime experience to think about what YOU can do to make the world a better place to live
– Learn how to become a future global leader
– Create your lifelong memories with the fellow participants
– Gain touching, moving, and learning experiences