Striving to restore forests, grasslands, and lakes in order to act against desertification.

Working to create new jobs for the locals, grow crops that can be harvested, and introduce new technol ogies and
renewable energy to local communities so that its improved economy can make them self-sustainable.

Slowing the Desertification Rate

In addition to forestation, acting against desertification also includes fixing sand dunes, managing grasslands,
restoring wastelands, controlling the number of livestock, and developing eco-friendly profitable businesses.

Green Asia creates solutions through combining the traditional methods of the local nomads and new technologies.

Causes of Desertification & Finding Solutiions

Scientific researches on the causes of desertification should always be done first because it is easier to fight against
desertification when the causes are accurately assessed and further understood.

We conduct constant researches on specific factors on the causes of desertification in Mongolia as well as the
general causes of the desertification itself.

Education Programs on Deserts and Yellow Dust

The first step to acting against environmental crises is education. We carry out environmental education to the local
students and residents.

Especially, we create school education programs that can work on raising the awareness on the desertification issue.

Domestic & International Network

Combating desertification also includes technological, financial, and socio-cultural methods. Also, it is possible to
expect substantial progress only when neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea, many other developed
nations, global enterprises, and NGOs are working together. Green Asia promotes to create policies and project
models as well as to foster participations from governments, enterprises, and NGOs.

Perception of Local Residents & Converting Lifestyles

The local residents should be the main agent of combating desertification in the affected region with the great amount
of support from outside. After all, if the local residents are not willing to adopt sustainable eco-friendly lifestyles, all
other efforts might remain ineffective.

Also, Green Asia utilizes local media via providing contents for TV programs and newspaper columns.

As well, seminars and workshops are organized in order to raise public awareness in Korea and Mongolia.